Firewall Throughput

HTTP loadtime of a page

Hosts blacklisted by fail2ban


Netstat, combined

Netstat, established only

br-17fa22e473fe errors

br-17fa22e473fe traffic

br-23096868d4e7 errors

br-23096868d4e7 traffic

br-e391adccac37 errors

br-e391adccac37 traffic

docker0 errors

docker0 traffic

eno1 errors

eno1 traffic

eno2 errors

eno2 traffic

enp7s0 errors

enp7s0 traffic

enp8s0 errors

enp8s0 traffic

eth0 errors

eth0 traffic

tun0 errors

tun0 traffic

veth25782eb errors

veth25782eb traffic

veth7190424 errors

veth7190424 traffic

veth7561d41 errors

veth7561d41 traffic

vetha50956e errors

vetha50956e traffic

virbr0 errors

virbr0 traffic

vmnet1 errors

vmnet1 traffic

vmnet8 errors

vmnet8 traffic

vnet0 errors

vnet0 traffic

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